JUL. 21, 2017 2 min read

I’m an Alternative Moneymaker, meaning someone who earns money in non-traditional ways. Think of “traditional” as working, say, a traditional office job. And if you’re an Alternative Moneymaker, chances are you’ve made money in a number of diverse, nonlinear, non sequitur ways. Which is how I’ve made money. Here’s the list:

High School

  • Beach club bellboy [job]
  • Babysitter [gig]
  • Lifeguard [job] and [gig]
  • Dog waste management servicer (aka Pooper Scooper) [job]
  • Pizza delivery man [job]


  • Lifeguard [job] and [gig]
  • Epidemiologist Assistant at WI Department of Health Services [job]*
  • $5,000 dollar scholarship to intern in Latin America [scholarship]
  • Research assistant to a study on mindfulness meditation [job]
  • Interest on bank accounts [Market]


  • Executive Assistant to CEO [job]
  • Dog walker [gig]
  • Lifeguard [gig]
  • Digital marketing intern [job]
  • English tutor in Colombia [self-employed]
  • Founder of Cup of Inglés, an English-conversation group in Colombia [self-employed]
  • Legal assistant at a Colombian law firm [job]
  • Head of Business Development, startup in Uruguay [remote job]
  • Head of Business Development, startup in France [remote job]
  • High School Football Referee Chain Guy [gig]
  • Business Development Consultant [self-employed]
  • Personal Finance Writer [self-employed]
  • Passive Income through GilbertIndex.com [self-employed]
  • Capital gains from selling stocks [Market]
  • Capital gains from selling bitcoin [Market]
  • Interest on bank accounts [Market]

From this list you might gather my main skills are sales and speaking Spanish and writing. And you’d be right. Most of my net worth is because of these skills (note that I’ve probably saved about 75% of all the above earnings).

But I’m not hitching my wagon to these skills forever because I’m a long-term investor. And the best long-term investment is the investment in yourself. Which means continually updating your skills.

And it’s in this spirit and the spirit of Alternative Moneymaking that I’ve recently added another fun skill to my skill stack: coding. Specifically HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git, the command line, among other technologies. You can see projects I’ve built here. And as such the next time I update this list you might see Software Developer added to it. Beekeeper, Financial Coach, Crazy Runner, Mayor of Bogotá are contenders too.

* I took a year off of school after my sophomore year of college and Epidemiologist Assistant was the job I worked. Long story.